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About The Spiritualist Church of Love and Light

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A New Church

This is the Symbol for the Spiritualist Church of Light and Love, a Cross blazing with Rays of Hope

Our Founders

This is the group of enlightened individuals Who worked diligently to open the doors of this church....

Spreading the Word of Spirit

We believe that truth is eternal, and we seek to utilize it whether found in Individuals, Books, or Nature....

All Are Welcome Here

It is not the place of this, or any, Church or Church Member to pass Judgment in the name of Jesus or God.

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A Christian Spiritualist Society.
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A Short Story about A Huge Paradigm Shift

Welcome To Our Church Web Site...

The Spiritualist Church of Love and Light is a newly formed Christian Spiritualist Church In Plainville Connecticut founded on the premise that preaching fear and punishment is not the way to invite new members to God's House of Love and benevolence.

Founded on July 1st, 2013 when 7 disheartened beings got together to create a place where God's eternal love abounds and the Creator's holy light shines from and to every member. We strive to follow the teachings of the most holy Master Jesus and not the egotism of any person or persons and have designed our structure to prevent such, as much as can be done knowing that ego is the ultimate fear generator that befouls most attempts at a love driven life.

What is Christian Spiritualism?

Christian Spiritualism is not a new idea, and not even a new idea in Spiritualism. Its roots go back to the 1880's and was born along with the Original Spiritualist Movement. The oldest continuously running American Christian Spiritualist Church opened its doors on June 28, 1883 in Brookline, MA.

We are Christian Spiritualists in that, while we affirm and follow the various teachings of all spiritual masters, Muhammad, Buddha, Lao Tse, etc., we look to the Master Jesus as our profound example of Spirit alive in the world. We resonate with and embrace his teachings and accept his challenge to do even greater things than he. 

Christian Spiritualism has a strong presence in the United Kingdom and Canada; and, while at this time not as strong in the U.S.A., it has currently presenting an upsurge in America. This is despite some protestations to the contrary from certain groups or persons. But we send them love and light anyway because we understand that a few misguided people do not define or override the glow of love that spiritualism generates.

Spiritualism itself is the process whereby all religions came into being, as a result of communication with God and God's Kingdom of Spirit. Our fundamental doctrine states that God is Spirit, we are Spirit, our departed loved ones are Spirit, our "enemies" are Spirit; and that is how we are all connected. Our Spiritualism is both universal and ancient. We seek to understand the many and varied aspects of Spiritualism which have existed upon our planet from the moment we stepped into physical form.

How Do We Become 'Spirit Centered Beings' (Spiritualists)?

We can first start by finding time to link with our God (also called infinate inteligence, and the all), praying, talking, asking questions and of course being thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives. This we can do in quiet times at home, in groups of like minded people and of course coming to church. Spiritualism is not just about linking with your loved ones it is about growth of the spirit within each of us. Understanding God's laws and your fellow human beings. Giving something back to society not just taking. Giving your time to help those who are going through difficulties. To give is to receive.

Many are called upon to serve God and to serve your fellow man but you have free will to decide if you follow this pathway or ignore it. There are many ways to serve and we often do so and not realize it. How often do you find that someone starts talking to you about their worries and problems and you are prepared to listen to them? By doing this you are showing kindness and compassion. Giving your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the lonely, the bereaved and the troubled.

Calling on a lonely neighbor to see how they are or making a telephone call to someone with problems is using your spiritual gifts. We are not all called to be a Medium and serve on the platform at a spiritualist church or to do hands on healing. We can send absent healing in our prayers with positive effect. We can make tea at an old peoples club and we are giving to our fellow man. Use the gifts and experience you have gained in your life to help others and you will be well rewarded.

Our Clergy and Founders

personel bio picThe Right Reverend Daniel Partiss (Pastor of The Church / Founder)

personel bio picThe Reverend Jordan Taylor (Assistant Pastor / Founder):

personel bio picThe Reverend Elaine Sorvillo (Minister of Christian Education / Founder):

personel bio picThe Reverend Aristia Partiss (Minister / Founder):

personel bio picDeacon Yolanda James (Founder):

personel bio picDeacon William Langston (Founder):

personel bio picLouis Raimo ( Founder):

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