Online Lyceum..

Online Lyceum..

Online Lyceum Class

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A New Church

This is the Symbol for the Spiritualist Church of Light and Love, a Cross blazing with Rays of Hope

Our Founders

This is the group of enlightened individuals Who worked diligently to open the doors of this church....

Spreading the Word of Spirit

We believe that truth is eternal, and we seek to utilize it whether found in Individuals, Books, or Nature....

All Are Welcome Here

It is not the place of this, or any, Church or Church Member to pass Judgment in the name of Jesus or God.

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A Christian Spiritualist Society.
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What is "Lyceum" and why should I do it??

Lyceum (or Unfoldment) is the process of becoming aware of, or unfolding awareness to, the world of spirit and how it operates. It is the basic instruction to the world of spiritualism and a basic road map to connecting with your true inner self.. As to why you should do it, in today's hectic, impersonal, jaded society unfoldment serves as a lesson in how connected we really are to the universal conscious we call God. through the teachings of other spiritualist, learning the history of spiritualism, and finding out what tools spiritualists use. you may wind up finding yourself... God bless you and Keep you in his loving embrace... The Rt. Rev. Daniel T. Partiss

  1. The History Of Spiritualism
  2. About Spiritual Healing
  3. About Mediumship, Communicating with Spirit
  4. The Spirit World - Some Questions Answered


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