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A Message From Our Pastor

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A New Church

This is the Symbol for the Spiritualist Church of Light and Love, a Cross blazing with Rays of Hope

Our Founders

This is the group of enlightened individuals Who worked diligently to open the doors of this church....

Spreading the Word of Spirit

We believe that truth is eternal, and we seek to utilize it whether found in Individuals, Books, or Nature....

All Are Welcome Here

It is not the place of this, or any, Church or Church Member to pass Judgment in the name of Jesus or God.

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A Christian Spiritualist Society.
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Every Soul Is Potentially Divine,

three amigos

Welcome to our website and our church.

I Hope you find our beliefs a breath of fresh air in a world full of people giving the message that as humans we are inferior in some way, or full of sin. They continually push at us that we are in need of the creator's intervention in order to become whole and complete.

Nothing can be further from the truth! The God I know is Immortal, All Powerful, All Knowing, and Perfect. For perfection to create imperfection would be like a fish giving birth to a kitten, it can't happen. In order for God to remain Perfect, everything created by God HAS to be perfect. So with this understanding I have to believe that every person created by God is perfect for what God wants them to be.

But do we humans believe in our perfection? Not really, we continually measure ourselves against a list of criteria, and always we come up short. Worse yet, we use that same list to look at others and work very hard at making sure that they fall lower on the list than we do. That, People, Is Judgment pure and simple. And the Master Jesus told us that was #1 on the Don't Do list. Who are we that we look at God's work and assess it, say it is not perfect because we lack the understanding to realize that God's plan doesn't need to be interpreted by the likes of us.

The Spiritualist Church of  Love and Light is a church of LOVE and NO JUDGEMENT. We don't care what you believe in, what you call God, or how you follow your heart. We serve only as a community of similar minded people who Love to Hug, Sing, and fill ourselves with the creator's spirit.

God Bless you all,

The Rt. Rev. Daniel T. Partiss


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